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An Overview of Asia

Asia is the largest continent when measured by landmass and human population. Following is an overview of Asia.

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Which Season is best for Travel Bargains

When it comes to budget traveling, it is hard to overestimate the importance of the season of travel. Travel costs are largely dependent on the time of the year, and every travel destination has its high, low and shoulder seasons. Knowing the seasons for the destination of your choice is a great way to enjoy wonderful travel on a budget. Work with a travel agent to find the best discounts available for the destination and season you desire or look up travel discounts on the Internet.

You can find many good deals. Remember that the high season for a particular destination varies quite a bit from location to location. For some locations, the high season can be as short as a couple of weekends throughout the year, while for other locations high season can last all summer (or all winter) long. Some traveling such as an Alaskan Cruise is best starting in mid-May and ending in mid-September. Of course, a Hawaii cruise is good all year long.

It is also important to know, however, when low season is low for a reason. There are certain locations you definitely do not want to visit in the off season. For instance, in August, most locations in Egypt approach the temperature of an oven, while hurricane season in Florida or the Caribbean can definitely put a crimp in your vacation. In addition, many beach towns, and some parts of Europe, just about close down in the off season.

It is important, therefore to plan smart to get the best travel bargains while still enjoying your vacation. Usually a good and an inexpensive travel item is a cruise and you can find a cheap cruise for any season. You can travel to different destinations on one cruise alone. The best choice for budget minded travelers is often the shoulder season, that magical time of year when bargains are plentiful but destinations are still very enjoyable. The period between high season and low, known as the shoulder season in the travel industry, is the time when prices have begun to drop, but for reasons that are related to the demand for the destination, not on its underlying value or lack of value. Many people do not usually travel during this time which means less demand which means cheap prices.

For many locations, the shoulder season begins in the fall, when the college students and vacationing families that kept demand high begin to go home. For instance, fall is a great time to visit many European locations. The temperatures are cooler, the crowds are gone, and the prices on lodgings and meals are lower. In the Caribbean and Mexico, the shoulder season covers the late spring season. Prices drop at this time since most tourists from colder climates are enjoying better weather at home and no longer dreaming of escaping to a warmer climate.

Most guidebooks and travel related web sites will have information on the best time to go to each location for maximum value, so if you are unsure exactly when the high, low and shoulder seasons occur for your destination be sure to check one of these sources for further information. Finding great deals is possible in all seasons, of course, but it is generally most difficult in the summer time, when interest in vacationing reaches its peak. Most people are planning and taking their vacations during summer season since school is out for most children. The winter is an excellent season to visit many locations, but remember that it is high season for destinations like ski resorts. So the mountain areas (ski resorts) in Europe and United States will be in high demand and the costs will be higher for the skier.

The winter season can be a magical one for many locations that are on sale, however. For instance, travel to Asia is often markedly cheaper in the winter, but the sight of a snow covered Shinto temple is a remarkable sight, and one not to be missed. Many locations in Asia and Europe have winters that are less harsh than those in many parts of the United States, so a winter vacation can still be quite magical. Winter season can also bring about discounts for Disney World in Florida as long as you stay away from the holiday season.

Mid-January to early March might get you the discounts you need. .

By: Keith Hoyng

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