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An Overview of Asia

Asia is the largest continent when measured by landmass and human population. Following is an overview of Asia.

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Plan Your Best Orlando Vacation Yet How Vacation Rentals ByOwner Give You More And Help You Save

Orlando is a haven for fun family activities. From Disney World to Gatorworld and everything in between, there are literally weeks worth of activities here. If you're bringing along the kids, the grandparents and maybe even the cousins, it only makes sense to take advantage of the many Orlando vacation rentals available.

You won't pay extra for additional rooms, won't have to request adjoining rooms and can even make your own breakfast and dinner to save a few dollars. In Orlando, there are literally thousands of vacation rentals to choose from. You might rent a villa, condo, apartment or pool house. These Orlando vacation rentals are equipped with more than a regular hotel room (some including plasma TVs and hot tubs) but might cost the same or even less than an Orlando-area hotel room. Once you find your Orlando villa rental and settle in for your vacation, it's time to explore this exciting and activity-filled city.

Since Disney is the destination of the majority of Orlando visitors, you'll likely start there. You could spend days exploring the wonder of the Magic kingdom and Epcot alone. But don't forget to take time to visit Disney's two water parks - Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. After you're done with Disney, take a day off to enjoy the pool or hot tub at your Orlando-area villa rental or spend a day shopping at Downtown Disney, which is full of upscale, family, and unique shops and fun restaurants. Or head for Orlando's Old Town, an outdoor shopping area full of restaurants, amusement park rides and more than 75 specialty shops.

Once you're relaxed and ready to resume activities, consider Universal Studios or head for the Kennedy Space Center, located just about 45 minutes away from Orlando. There, you might meet an astronaut, train in a spaceflight simulator, or visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame. If you're lucky, you might see a space shuttle lifting off. When you're ready for something a little different, take a drive from your Orlando villa rental one day to the Holy Land Experience. Dubbed a "living, biblical museum that takes you 6,000 miles away and 2,000 years back in time to the land of the bible," it's sure to be an outing to write home about. For another fun outing sure to challenge the mind, explore Wonderworks, a museum/interactive facility which is called "an amusement park for the mind".

Although Orlando is home to many high-energy activities, there are many relaxing options available as well. Of course, you can always relax at your Orlando vacation rental, but you might want to head out to one of the more than 100 golf courses in the area or go shopping at the upscale Mall of Millennia. Check out Bill's Airboat Adventures, where you can take a guided airboat tour of the marshlands and backwaters of the St. Johns River. No matter what you choose to do in Orlando - and there are many options - you'll surely enjoy retreating each night to the comfort and homey feeling of your Orlando-area vacation rental.


By: David Goldschmidt

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