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An Overview of Asia

Asia is the largest continent when measured by landmass and human population. Following is an overview of Asia.

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Barbados Restaurants Josefs Restaurant Is The Best

Choosing a destination for vacation is not an easy task. There are so many places to go, so many different things to do. If you are a culinary guru, Barbados may be the ultimate destination for travel. Barbados restaurants are among the best restaurants in the world. In particular, Josef's Restaurant, combines unparalleled ambiance with exquisite cuisine. Josef's Restaurant emerged on the Barbados restaurant scene years ago.

About six years ago, Patron/Chef Thomas Harris took over the operation and has made Josef's the best Barbados restaurant.What distinguishes Josef's from all other restaurants on the island is the sexy, romantic atmosphere and culinary creativity. Josef's was originally a plantation home on the water nestled smack in the middle of Christ Church. When converted into a restaurant, the original structure was kept while slight modifications were made to the interior.

These changes include two chic, romantic lounges laden with sleek couches, coffee tables, and comfortable chairs. They serve as the introduction to a memorable culinary experience. Patrons enjoy cocktails at a leisurely pace before being escorted by the friendly staff down to the dining area, settled in between the garden of the former home and the tranquil sea. There are about 9 waterfront tables, along with 20 or so others with water views.

Two gazebos are also set up for fine-dining, slightly elevated on the outskirts of the garden for intimate meals.The gastronomy is far more diverse than that of many other Barbados restaurants. Most restaurants in Barbados feature "trendy" cuisine, at many times a bit overdone. It's funny how this past year it was very popular and chic to add aromatic spices and herbs to homemade sorbets. On my last visit to Barbados, every fine-dining restaurant featured this on their menu. Every Barbados restaurant, that is, except Josef's.

Those who follow culinary trends know that this was hot in the late 80's only to be brought back in present time due to lack of innovation. Josef's does not fall to this pressure. It features classic dishes, modernized with both asian flair and french delicacy; combining local seafare and meats with the freshest fruits and vegetables available.Barbados restaurants also have impeccable wine lists.

Because the wine list at Josef's changes regularly to keep up with new trends and well-balanced vintages, it would be unwise to make any recommendations. Needless to say, prime French selections as well as phenominal finds from both South and North America are available. Josef's also features a unique reserve list full of cellar selections from all over the world to complement Harris' culinary creations.

More is to come from this Barbados restaurant gem. Thomas Harris is in the process of turning the upstairs room of the plantation house, currently serving as a function area, into a Japanese restaurant featuring authentic asian cuisine and sushi made with the freshest of local fish. Though some sushi and asian items are listed already on the main menu, Harris would like to explore his asian culinary talents more in depth, and provide patrons with a little bit more variety to their Josef's experience.After eating at almost every single Barbados restaurant, the stop at Josef's makes the trip complete.

I could go on and on about Josef's, but, I will leave you with the following tips for your meal there:.Appetizer- Try either the stuffed crab back with mango salsa and thai red curry sauce or the shredded duck leg with tri colored peppers and mooshu pancakes.Entree- Fresh catch of the day served with tomato fondue, grilled vegetables, creamed potatoes, and sweet saffron sauce or the herb encrusted rack of lamb with sweet pea puree, spinach mash, grilled vegetables and mint jus.Dessert- Freshly made lemon mousse with mango sorbet.

Try this paired with a glass of ice wine.

.Russ Nauta is a lover of restaurants and a bit of a wine snob. Though his real expertise is in the consumer lending industry, his passion is dining at chef-centric restaurants with interesting and well thought out wine lists.

By: Russ Nauta

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